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Accessori PC e Cavi
Accessori PC e Cavi

Accessori PC e Cavi

What to Look For in PC Cable and Accessories

When it comes to pc cable and accessories, there are a few things you should look for. First, make sure your cables are in good condition. There are different types of cables, adapters, and staples. You may also want to consider a few different brands of cables. Some of the brands you should consider are Belkin, VGA, Trip Lite, Monster, and Staples.

Types of cables

There are several types of PC cables and accessories, and knowing which one to choose is essential for your system. Among them is the VGA cable, which is used to transfer video signals and connect a monitor to a CPU. These cables are also used to connect HD televisions to the PC. They have 15 pins arranged in three rows, and are typically fitted into the monitor or the CPU.

Ethernet cables are the most common type of computer cable. These cables connect your computer to the internet. There are also HDMI and DisplayPort cables, which are used to connect to various devices. Some of these cables are used to transfer data to and from computers, while others can be used to connect various peripherals.

Another type of PC cable is the USB cable. This type of cable is the most common type and is widely used to connect your computer to your wireless router. USB cables can also be used to connect to peripheral devices. Unlike other types of cables, these are backward compatible.


Adapters are necessary components for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. They are used to convert one interface to another and offer extra functionality. For example, a video adapter provides the ability to display video on a monitor, while a network adapter allows a computer to connect to a network. Adapters are commonly found on most PCs and are used by almost every peripheral device. Among the most common adapters are USB adapters, which allow devices such as printers, monitors, and keyboards to communicate with one another.


If you're looking for a high-quality cable or connector, Staples is your place. If you're working with low-voltage equipment, you'll be pleased to find galvanized cable staples. These staples come in sturdy plastic packaging to prevent breakage.

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