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What You Need to Know About Office and Stationery

office and stationery

Office and stationery are used in the working environment for various purposes. There are two types of office stationery: consumables and durables. Consumables are used quickly and cannot be reused while durables are used over a longer period of time. Office stationery items also include adhesives, which are used to stick something to something else. Adhesives are usually made of chemicals.

Writing paper

Stationery is a broad category of supplies used in the office. This includes writing paper, envelopes, and writing implements, such as a pen, pencil, or marker. Other items include calendars, planners, and sticky notes. While writing utensils are not strictly stationery, they are an important part of an office's supplies.

Copying paper

When it comes to office and stationery products, copy paper can really make a difference. It has the right weight, brightness, and recycled content to elevate any project, whether you're creating documents for the office or for a personal project. However, there are several things to consider before making your purchase, including whether specialty papers are available.

Printer paper

There are a few different types of printer paper. Some are more sturdy than others, but they all share the common purpose of facilitating the printing process. Office workers use a variety of paper products daily. These include typewriter paper, writing paper, printer paper, and envelopes. They also use memo pads, faxes, and calendars. Writing utensils are also a part of office supplies, including correction fluid and pens.


When designing your letterhead, it's important to think about the layout and size of the page. Many letterheads feature a simple layout, but you can also get creative. For example, you can add a picture or logo. Place the image at least one inch from the left edge of the page.


Envelopes are used for many purposes, including business correspondence, personal notes, and much more. The very first envelopes were created by the Babylonians around 2000 BC, and were made from flat sheets folded and sealed with wax. Today, office and stationery envelopes are made from a variety of materials, including recycled and premium papers.


A calendar is a device for displaying dates and other related information, such as deadlines or upcoming events. It is a great way to plan out your week, or to keep track of important events. Calendars can also be adorned with photographs or designs. Some calendars include extra information relevant to certain groups, such as the phases of the moon or conjunctions and eclipses. Many people also use calendars as decorative pieces.

Travel tumblers

The perfect office gift can be functional and stylish. The right travel tumbler can help keep office workers hydrated and protect their computer equipment and clothing from spills. Newer models are also becoming more innovative, like the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Daily Tumbler.


Notepads come in a variety of styles and colors. These versatile items are useful for keeping track of notes and ideas, and can be reused hundreds of times by simply replacing the paper inside. You can also purchase pad holders, which are made of a more rigid material and protect the paper pad. Other accessories that can be added to notepads include storage boxes and planners.

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