With the growing popularity of smartwatches, it is no surprise that many people have decided to purchase one of these devices. A smartwatch is a device that displays various data on your wrist such as your heart rate, steps taken, and sleep. The devices also display notifications about your activities like text messages, emails, and calls. While a smartwatch does not replace a smartphone, it can complement it quite well. Here are three reasons why you should buy one.

Battery life. Whether you're running a traditional marathon or a 50K event, battery life is an essential consideration. A smartwatch that lasts for 12 hours on GPS will do the trick. The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music has an 11-hour battery life when you're running with GPS, while a more basic model with just five hours of music will be a bit limited. The Suunto 7 has a 12-hour GPS battery life, which is more than enough for shorter distances.

If you're interested in buying a smartwatch for your own personal use, consider the latest model from Apple. The Series 7 is a solid choice and has a huge display for reading apps. It also has a heart-rate monitor and an ECG to notify you of irregular heart rhythms. You can also use the watch to control smart devices, get directions, and track your fitness. However, you should know that this device has limited features compared to a smartphone.

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