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TV Qled
TV Qled

TV Qled

QLED technology (acronym for Quantum dot LED) was born in 2013, initially marketed by Sony. It is currently the commercial strategy on which the well-known manufacturer Samsung has based its marketing, has developed almost its entire range of Smart TVs on QLEDs. It is a technology that is interposed between the classic LED backlight (Direct LED) and the more recent OLED (Organic LED).

It is based on quantum nanocrystals and provide a valid alternative to the depth of colors found on organic screens. Further improved thanks to more technological video processors, they have reached almost the same level as OLEDs, but managed to stay lower with production costs.

While it is not yet believed that we have surpassed the quality standards of an OLED, there is one point where QLED is beyond doubt, longevity. OLEDs, being of organic origin, tend to last less over time than competing technologies. If you are looking for a TV to keep on for a long time without sacrificing a high quality standard, purchasing a QLED is probably the best choice you can make.

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