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TV 4k

If you've been considering a 4K TV, it's worth knowing that the cost will be higher than standard HD TVs, but the benefits, of course, are more; 4K TVs have larger screens and higher resolutions, so higher quality, a high-end model will require a faster Internet connection to take full advantage of it. Some companies have already started offering 4K content even for broadcasting certain sports for some time now.

Although there are Full HD TVs that still enjoy a great reputation, 4K TVs (and 8K) will surely become the hub of the market. Before long, everyone will be talking about 8K. The market has had these technologies for a while and this can spur your decision to buy a new one. Check out our shop listing and grab the best deal on your next 4K TV.

4K TVs have more pixels than Full HD, so they can display up to four times more detail than Full HD. For this reason, cuts of at least 55 inches are recommended. For added impact, sit at the right distance from the screen. Although we think that a close position is better regardless it is not true, too close a distance could worsen the perception of the image we have. To have perfect 4K sharpness we should be at a distance that must be calculated based on the size of the TV you choose, usually indicated by the manufacturers themselves. With four times the resolution of a standard Full HD TV, you'll enjoy stunning images.

The difference between 1080p and 4K is the number of pixels displayed on the screen surface. There are upconverting technologies that will allow you to resize and enhance sub-4K resolution content. With 4K TVs, you can enjoy high-resolution movies that weren't available before.

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