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A photographic lens is a part of a camera that can magnify objects or people. It consists of several elements that can correct optical aberrations and give the image the desired quality. Some lenses, known as compound lenses, are made up of multiple elements and are designed for a specific distance and aperture. Telephoto lenses are widely used in this area. A decentralized lens allows you to make perspective corrections of the photos during the shooting phase by moving the center of the optical unit with respect to the center of the recording medium while maintaining the optical axis normal to the focal plane.

The focal length of a lens is a key factor in photography. It is directly proportional to the distance between the subject and the film plane. Furthermore, the magnifying power of a lens is determined by its diopters. A change of one diopter in a lens will increase the magnification by 25%. However, this measurement is not the same for all lens types. Generally, the more complex and expensive a lens is, the longer its focal length must be to achieve the same result.

The aperture of a lens is the distance at which it will focus. A camera's aperture can be fully open or low, depending on the light source. The latter is more expensive than the former. Opening a lens will determine how quickly it can focus. A wide aperture can allow the photographer to capture a large area in a short amount of time, while a narrow aperture will limit the depth of field. Also, a lens with a wide aperture may not be very sharp.

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