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Accessori Audio
Accessori Audio

Accessori Audio

Essential Audio Accessories

Audio Accessories

Audio Accessories are essential to recording. A good goose neck filter can turn any microphone into a professional sounding recording device. They can even be used with different microphone stands. If you're a professional recording artist, you must invest in a goose neck filter. You can find them at any audio shop. You can also order them from online stores.

Rubber twist ties

Rubber twist ties are a great way to keep audio accessories organized. These small ties have a bendable wire interior and a soft, durable rubber exterior. Use them for audio accessories like headphones and speakers or for anything else that needs a quick, easy connection. They are also great for organizing larger items like hair dryer cords.

The ties are also available in a variety of cool colors. You can find these ties at many home improvement and local retailers. They're made of durable material that is waterproof and UV resistant. They can be used inside or outside without worry of ripping or damaging your gear.

Goose Neck filter

A Goose Neck filter can help reduce the pops and hisses in your recordings. It is a two-screen nylon filter that can absorb external noise and diffuse acoustic reflections. It attaches to a mic stand clamp with a mounting clip. This filter is useful for recording in tight spaces.

A pop filter eliminates plosive pops, a sound that occurs when you speak words that start with "p" or "b." It features a nylon mesh to reduce air movement and dissipate the pop sound. This filter is suitable for use with all types of microphones. Its goose neck design makes it easy to attach it to almost any microphone.

Studio patchbays

A patchbay is a device used for routing audio signals between mixing desks and other studio gear. These devices are designed to help musicians make music faster and easier. They are useful for digital and analog studios. They can significantly decrease setup time and increase the time that musicians spend creating music. Usually, patchbays have 24 or more channels, and each one handles both input and output.

Today, studio patchbays are available in a variety of different styles. Some of them are made for home use, and others are made for professional studios. For home use, 1/4-inch patchbays are an economical and versatile option. On the other hand, professional patchbays are made for professional studios and are generally configured for maximum flexibility.

Icron's Remedy up

Icron is a leading manufacturer of audio accessories. Its USB Extender System allows you to transmit high-resolution digital audio files up to 330 feet. It also features a USB Re-Clocking device to reduce digital errors and jitter. The Remedy USB Re-Clocking device improves jitter, so audio files can be transmitted without any loss of quality.

Deco Gear Universal Pop Filter Microphone Wind Screen

The Deco Gear Universal Pop Filter Microphone wind screen is an excellent accessory for podcasting and streaming. It is made with a high-quality acoustic filter and a goose neck design. It blocks air blasts and disperses the rest of the air pressure, allowing clean sound to pass through.

This windscreen is made from foam and is designed to fit over the microphone element casing. Some microphones come with an internal windscreen, but many people choose to purchase a windscreen to keep the sound of their voice clear. For instance, the ATM510 microphone includes a windscreen. Adding a windscreen to an ATM510 microphone improves the microphone's performance. The windscreen dampens high frequencies more than pop filters.

Gator Frameworks Roundbase Mic Stand

The Gator Frameworks Roundbase Mic Stand offers unmatched stability and versatility, with a 12" round base and soft grip height adjustment. With its durable steel tubing and rubber gasket, this mic stand is a durable option for any working musician. Whether you're working on a podcast, film or television set, or Q&A conference table, this stand can accommodate your microphone with ease.

The Gator Frameworks Roundbase Mic Stand is a durable, heavy-duty steel stand that offers a heavy-duty base. It has a deluxe one-handed clutch and no-slip vibration-reducing gasket, and fits most microphone clips. It also includes cable management clips and an adjustable height range.

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