Cuffie e Auricolari
Cuffie e Auricolari

Cuffie e Auricolari

Headphones have long been a necessity for many people. The first pair was a simple piece of cloth held to the ear. Nathaniel Baldwin invented the first audio headphones in 1910, and the United States Navy ordered 100 pairs in just one month. Though uncomfortable, these early headphones did their job and helped radio operators focus on the signals. They were very cheap and easy to use. You can even buy wireless headphones for years.

When you listen to music, the headphones offer a high-quality audio experience. They are also comfortable on many occasions, because they allow you to hear sounds without having to annoy our neighbor. The basic mechanism of a headset is very similar to that of a microphone. The headphones use magnets to vibrate the air and create sound. Unlike a microphone, digital audio is recorded and stored in digital form. The data is then sent through a digital to analog converter, which then converts the data into electrical signals that you can hear through headphones.

Another type of headphones is known as an electrostatic. This type of headset does not use magnets to move the diaphragm, but is located between two conductive plates. When an electrical charge passes through the plates, the diaphragm moves, causing the surrounding air to vibrate. This movement produces sound. You can use these headphones with any type of music. These types of headphones can be used for recording studios and by people with hearing difficulties.

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