A speaker has a cone-shaped opening in the center that creates a pressure wave from front to back. The wave is generated by a permanent magnet that attracts the air behind it and pushes it towards itself. The size of the cone determines the frequency of the sound produced. For example, a soprano singer produces high-frequency sound waves, while a bass or bass drum produces low-frequency sound waves. The clarity of the audio is directly proportional to the ability of a speaker system to reproduce frequency ranges. Many speakers have multiple cones for different frequencies, allowing them to produce distinct sound signatures. Two-way speakers typically have a tweeter, a mid-range speaker, and a bass cone.

A speaker design is based on a complex set of mechanical and electrical components. This system is designed to convert electrical energy into sound energy. An electric current is sent through a coil of wire to convert the input into motion. The speaker's magnetic field reacts with the electric field, which in turn interacts with the voice coil. When a speaker receives an input, the voice coil moves back and forth, causing the outer cone to vibrate.

A speaker contains many components. The magnet is attached to the speaker frame. A voice coil is a coiled insulated wire wrapped around a coil. The coil moves back and forth to produce sound. The cone is made of plastic, paper, aluminum, fiber or rubber and the frame can be made of MDF. If you need to build an advanced speaker, we recommend purchasing one with a built-in amplifier.

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JBL Clip 4 Red Ultra-portable waterproof speaker

Clip and Play. New, portable and waterproof. The vibrant new-looking JBL Clip 4 delivers incredibly rich JBL Original Pro Sound in a compact size. The unique oval shape fits easily in the hand. Completely wrapped in colorful fabrics with expressive inserts inspired by the current street trend, it easily adapts to your style. The fully integrated...

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